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What do the grades of fabrics mean? How are they determined? Does one grade hold up better than another?

Fabric “Grade” is a universal term primarily as a cost designation with A being the least expensive. However, this has nothing to do with the quality of the fabric. The cost of fabric is determined by numerous things such as the amount of thread per square inch, the difficulty of the weave, the finishing process of a particular fabric, weight and even the color of the yarns used in the fabric all can affect the price. Regardless, all of our fabrics are tested to meet industry standards for UV protection as well as durability. We offer fabrics from the most trusted manufacturers of outdoor fabrics such as Sunbrella®, Twitchell® (Textilene®), Phifer® (Phifertex®) and others.

The price on the grade A sling fabric is less than the other grades - will it fray or unravel?

The vinyl blends have PVC coated polyester fibers and are bonded so if they are accidentally cut, they will not unravel. Our woven blends also include the PVC vinyl, along with acrylic and polyester weaves that meet our high quality standards to wear well for both indoor and outdoor use.

Is Texacraft fabric flame retardant?

Texacraft fabrics meet the following standard: California Technical Bulletin #117 Sec. E (CS-191-53) Classification: 1 normal flammability

Do you have furniture currently in stock that could ship out within the week?

Since our furniture is “custom-made” for each customer we do not, as a rule, have furniture in inventory. Your sales rep can check to see if there was any “overage” available at the factory, in the event someone has cancelled an order.

Is there an extra charge to put accent straps on the vinyl strap furniture?

No. You can add as many as 3 accent colors top and bottom to any of the Splash Casual Basics Collection.

Can you put a Logo on the Sling Furniture?

No, we can only put Logo’s on the vinyl strap. The Logo image will not print clear on fabric.

Does my table top come with a plug?

Yes, all alternative tops are shipped with a plug in consideration that an umbrella may not be used. If lost, a replacement is available from your Texacraft Dealer.

Can you order a table top without an umbrella hole in it?

No, all of our tables 36” and over will come with a hole except for the Copper tops.

Can I order a replacement acrylic table top?

Yes. However, consider the action that cause the acrylic to break. If something forcefully struck the top and rim, the rim most likely was damaged and a replacement would not fit in the damaged rim. Plus, consider the cost of shipping the replacement- the minimum freight rate (ex for one 42” top shipping would be $135.00). We recommend you purchase a new table.

Can we order center plugs for the umbrella holes for the tables that we want to use under a roof and won't use with umbrellas?

Yes, you can purchase umbrella plugs for example; for the casual basics acrylic tops or the cast aluminum tops with painted plugs. Contact your sales rep for the price on the plugs.

Can I exchange the cushions I ordered for a different color?

No, all cushions are custom made and are not returnable. You can order new cushions but you cannot return the cushions you ordered.

If I place an order how long does it take?

Upon order entry, your order usually ships within 3-4 weeks.

What part of my Texacraft furniture can rust?

All Texacraft furniture frames are created from 100% aluminum which doesn’t rust. All hardware (nuts, bolts, washers, etc) is stainless steel which will not rust.

What does cast aluminum mean?

Cast aluminum is a manufacturing process that allows for additional design and style with the aluminum. The aluminum is actually melted and poured into molds to create the design. Anything that can be drawn can be manufactured in cast aluminum. The end result is truly beautiful furniture.

What is virgin vinyl strap?

This is vinyl that has no fillers, just pure vinyl. This assures that the strap will stay soft and ply able through many years of use.

Why does Texacraft cost more than what I see at Costco, Home Depot or Lowes?

Texacraft is a true example of investment grade furniture. Our furniture is designed and built for many years of enjoyment and use due to the heavy wall thickness of the aluminum frames, welding process used and the numerous quality inspection stages each piece undergoes. It is not unusual to hear about a 25 year old Texacraft set still being enjoyed today. A lot of people are tired of buying inexpensive furniture that may (or may not last) 3/4 years. When factoring in the time a Texacraft set is used, it is actually less money than the imports at the big box stores.

Can I still order my old style of furniture?

Contact a Texacraft sales rep to see if the items are still available.

How long do you keep frame colors and fabrics in your line?

As a fashion company we do our best to stay on top of current trends so what was once popular may not be current in our line.

How do I clean my furniture?

Use any mild detergent with water on the fabric and vinyl. Do not use any product with alkaline, bleach, or harsh abrasive cleansers in them. We recommend using any mild dish washing detergent available at your local grocery or discount store.

Can the cushions be machine washed?

Clean cushions with a mild detergent and warm water with soft cloth or brush. Let cushions stand on "end" to drain and "air dry" thoroughly. In the case of cushions with zipper covers, do not remove cover before cleaning. It is very difficult to fit the foam around the cushion cover once it is removed. It could cause the cushion to lose its' shape; possibly become "lumpy". Machine washing is not recommended. It could distort the fabric, possibly even shrink it and render it unable to use.

How long should it take my Texacraft cushions to dry?

Many factors effect drying time. Air temperature, humidity and how wet they are. Usually they will dry in less than 24 hours. Hanging them or taking them off the furniture frames and allowing gravity to help pull the moisture out will allow them to dry faster.

Will suntan lotion damage the straps? Slings? Cushions?

Over a period of time the lotion can accumulate on the surface of the vinyl and/or fabric and become absorbed into the straps. This can cause discoloration. It is recommended to clean the furniture on a regular basis, "hose it down" and wipe dry (preferably 2 to 3 times a week). Posting a sign at the pool requesting residents to use a towel on the furniture may help to extend the life of the furniture and prevent deep stains from occurring.

Do you sell touch-up paint?

Yes, contact your sales rep for the price.

Can we order replacement sling sets for chaises and chairs?

In most cases, yes, depending on the age and model of the furniture. Your sales rep can provide the cost if the fabric is still available. If the fabric has been discontinued, your rep will discuss alternate fabrics and send you small swatches to review before order is placed.

How do I replace my sling?

Sling Replacement with Sling Tool

  1. Slit old sling down from top of chair to bottom.
  2. Take end caps off sling extrusion and pull out nylon spline (needle nose pliers may help).
  3. Back allen head riv-nuts off one side of chair completely. Top and bottom U-shaped stretchers will fall off at this time.
  4. Lubricate sling tracks with liquid soap.
  5. Slide new sling on the extrusion still attached to the chair.
  6. Next, slide new sling on loose sling extrusion.
  7. Refasten bolts through sling extrusion into frame and tighten 75%.
  8. Use sling tool to stretch frame and replace top and bottom stretcher bars.
  9. Pull end of fabric to straighten.
  10. Tighten riv-nut bolts completely.

Do you sell a sling tool we can purchase to "re-sling" the replacement sets?

Yes. Contact your sales rep for the price.

How do I measure for straps?
  1. For single wrap strap measure across the lounge or chair and add one inch for one inch round frames.
  2. For double wrap strap measure across the lounge or chair and add 6 inches for one inch round frame.

Please contact your sales rep for more details.

How hard is it to replace the straps?
  1. Heat Straps- straps need to be stretchable. You can heat straps by Boiling in Water, Heat w/ Hair Dryer, or Heat Gun
  2. Place nylon plugs (rivets) into holes at the ends of each strap
  3. Single Wrap Furniture: Place (1) plugged end in the hole on the frame of the furniture, wrap strap around top of furniture frame and secure the other end of the strap in the hole opposite the original.
  4. Double Wrap Furniture: Place (1) plugged end in the hole on the frame and wrap around frame over plug and pull over outside of frame. (Strap should stretch 6” past other side of the piece of furniture). Pull strap to one side of the hole opposite the original hole (candy cane fashion) and wrap strapping around frame. After plug is inserted, pull wrap over top of plug and over first wrap of strapping(avoid pulling in center of strap). Vinyl should overlap each layer evenly. You should not see the plugs (rivets) if straps are double wrapped.

Does the freight include the driver taking the furniture to my pool behind the office?

Please contact your sales rep for information regarding fees for special delivery instructions.

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