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Aluminum Frames

All our furniture is created from non-rusting aluminum. Whether the frames are extruded (hollow tubes of aluminum formed and welded) or solid cast, you can rest assured that the quality of the raw material are of the highest grade and meet industry standards for commercial use. Heliarc welding processes are utilized which ensure the strongest welds possible for aluminum joints.

Cast Aluminum

Our manufacturing facility includes an on-site aluminum foundry where all cast aluminum components are created. This eliminates outside vendors who most other manufacturers rely upon for their cast furniture. We are able to closely monitor the quality of the castings and ensure that the aluminum used in the casting process is pure aluminum. An additional step in the casting process involves “out gassing” which removes gas bubbles in the melting process which if not removed will cause weak aluminum when the trapped bubbles cure in the poured aluminum molds. These bubbles would result in broken aluminum parts due to the porous casting. This is a step that many casting companies would eliminate.

Alternative Table Tops

We offer a multitude of table top options - Acrylic, Fiberglass, Cast Aluminum, Stamped Aluminum and Copper. This investment of options is an important element of the product line. It offers many design opportunities so that the furniture installation can coordinate effectively with the environment.


We offer a large selection of umbrellas in many different sizes and shapes. Depending on the model, our umbrellas raise and lower with either manual crank mechanism or manual push up and pin. Most umbrellas offered have options to select the color of the pole. To secure the umbrellas we have a large selection of umbrella weights in fiberglass, aluminum and cast aluminum in traditional, transitional and contemporary styles. Some weights ship weighted while others ship unfilled for site weighting. To complete the look we offer an extensive selection of fabrics from which to choose.


Winston’s fabric offering is among the most diverse in the industry. All fabrics are environmentally tested including specialized UV tests, all necessary to ensure that the fabrics will hold up to the elements for years of outdoor use. We select fabrics from the most recognized names in the outdoor fabric industry. The fabric selection ranges from vinyl coated polyester fabrics most suitable for sling products, to rich textures and colors made from acrylic fibers for cushions and umbrellas.

Vinyl Strap

We continue to add to its offering of easy care, vinyl strap furniture in traditional and contemporary styles. The vinyl strap is 2” wide and contains mildew and UV inhibitors to help keep the vinyl looking fresh and clean. The strap is “virgin” vinyl which contains no foreign bonding agents which can cause deterioration of the strap and shorten its usefulness over time.

Frame Finishes

We offer two primary categories of frame finishes - Standard and Premium. Standard finishes are a one-step application process whereas Premium Finishes are a multi-Step process. The Premium finishes involve hand-applied paint by skilled artists. But even before the finish is applied, the frames undergo an extensive 45 minute preparatory process that cleanses the frames in order to receive the final finish.

Woven Products

Coeur d’Alene is our new modular woven collection. This modular design offers endless configurations enabling one to customize the furniture to fit any area. Each piece of furniture connects to one another with the use of a “C” clamp that is attached to the under structure of each frame. This holds each piece firmly together and eliminates the possibility of the furniture moving or separating from one another. The weave used in the creation of each piece is constructed from UV resistant PVC. The strands are hand-woven over an aluminum frame structure. The end weaves are attached to the aluminum frame using stainless steel staples.

Woven Buckets

Our woven buckets are fully-woven front and back. Others who offer woven seats only weave one side leaving the backside exposed to seat frame work. This weave has the base color infused in the core. This will hide any scratch or nick in the weave should it occur from normal wear and tear. The seat “seam”, where the back and seat meet, is designed to allow one’s bottom torso to sit fully back into the seat for greater comfort. Exposed aluminum is color matched to the weave color. The weave material is created from a mix of Polyethylene with UV inhibitors. It is rated for outdoor exposure.