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The Best Outdoor Furniture Collections for Style and Durability

May 30, 2024


Em Collection

Selecting outdoor furniture requires thoughtful consideration to achieve a harmonious blend of style and durability. Striking this balance is essential to curate an outdoor space that not only looks inviting but also withstands the elements for lasting quality. When choosing outdoor furniture, it's imperative to assess key factors such as the quality of materials used, the level of weather resistance, and the overall design aesthetics. Opting for the best outdoor furniture collections that excel in both style and durability guarantees a functional and visually pleasing outdoor living area. These exceptional collections combine innovative design with high-quality materials, ensuring they not only enhance the elegance of your outdoor space but also endure the challenges of outdoor environments with ease.

At Texacraft we strive to create the best outdoor furniture collections for style and durability, that embody a perfect marriage of aesthetics and resilience, offering timeless pieces that transform your outdoor area into a stylish and enduring outdoor sanctuary.

Fountainhead Collection

Structurally Durable

Choosing quality outdoor furniture not only elevates the outdoor living experience but also adds value to the home. With a focus on longevity and style, investing in premium outdoor furniture ensures a beautiful and comfortable outdoor space for years to come. At Texacraft the Fountainhead collection is first to mind when focusing on durability. Fountainhead shines a spotlight on the inherent beauty and durability of HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene). Made from recycled plastic, HDPE brings all the texture and warmth of natural wood, but unlike wood it’s low maintenance and impervious to the outdoor elements. This mixed materials collection features solid aluminum framework with sculpted flowing lines that accentuate the organic texture of the HDPE planks featured on its seating, dining and lounging pieces. Fountainhead also showcases diverse styles; customize your selection with three exclusive wood colors and 26 powder coated frame finishes to create the perfect piece for your outdoor oasis.

Chelsea Collection

If you want a more classic look to your outdoor oasis, aluminum is always a durable option to choose. Aluminum framing is highly durable and sturdy, capable of lasting for years against the elements with proper care. At Texacraft our most stylish aluminum collection is Chelsea, bringing fun and flair that can handle the heat! The Chelsea collection is a lively combination of art paired with function, its crisp lines and unique shape create a bold silhouette brimming with imagination. Its striking geometric pattern invites looks and relaxation. The collection’s all aluminum fully welded frames can be customized to accent any color scheme. The seating pieces feature a premium tailored cushion and lumbar pillow secured to the frame with Velcro straps for just the right amount of comfort.

Texacraft stands out in the realm of outdoor furniture by offering not just stylish pieces but also an assurance of durability through their warranty-backed collections. When you opt for Texacraft, you not only get a plethora of options in terms of fabrics, colors, and finishes, but also the peace of mind that comes with knowing your outdoor furniture is built to last. With a wide array of choices available, Texacraft ensures that regardless of the collection you select, durability and style are our non-negotiables.

Surf Collection

Fabric Selections

Texacraft collaborates with top industry manufacturers to provide a range of durable and visually appealing materials for outdoor commercial spaces. Every material is specifically chosen for its mold, mildew, and UV resistance, with a strong focus on water-resistant properties. At Texacraft we only provide the best fabrics and materials for you to configure on all our collections including Surf and Em. Both collections incorporate durable materials that are configurable with multiple color selections perfect for creating a unique product specifically designed for your outdoor space.

The Surf collection brings a cool coastal vibe to open air lounging. Its retro design is leveled up with a modern shape and materials. The collections chairs have wide tapered backs and seats that are wrapped with Suncloth woven straps that add stretchy comfort with good recovery. Built for commercial settings, the Surf collection chairs are easy to maintain with excellent UV, mold/mildew resistant properties. Customize the straps and frame with our selection of exclusive fabric colors and powder coat finishes to create the perfect style for your outdoor area.

Em Collection

Em Collection

Another collection with durable yet stylish material is the Em collection, where modern design meets laid-back texture. This handcrafted woven collection’s sinuous curves exude organic luxury at every turn—and in every detail. Its weather resistant flat Polypropylene Rope weave tightly hugs a sturdy aluminum frame that is built to last. From decadent chaise lounges to plush sofas and versatile tables, Em brings character to any setting from cafe to poolside and dining.


In conclusion, selecting outdoor furniture that combines both style and durability is crucial for creating a welcoming and long-lasting outdoor space. Choosing the best outdoor furniture collections that excel in design and robustness ensures not only an aesthetically pleasing setting but also furniture that can withstand outdoor elements. By investing in these meticulously crafted pieces, you elevate the ambiance of your outdoor area, making it a stylish and resilient sanctuary that endures all weather conditions year-round.

Texacraft, a leader in the outdoor commercial furniture market since 1975. Texacraft has been a trusted and reliable source of outdoor contract furniture solutions for thousands of customers from casinos and country clubs to multi-family housing, hotels and REITs.