Premium Cushion Construction

Multi-layered seat cushions from Texacraft are engineered to shed water and keep your cushions dry. This premium cushion option helps eliminate the need bring them in before it rains and gives each cushion a stronger protective barrier. Should the outer fabric allow water to penetrate, a specially engineered water barrier membrane, that is sealed around the inner foam and fiber, will redirect the water to exit the bottom of the cushion via an open mesh, sling fabric. A firmer foam is used to provide a fuller cushion appearance, as well as, prolong the life of the seat cushion. Premium cushions are perfect for any of our outdoor seating collections and sure to add luxurious comfort to your space.

Smart Water Escape

Each premium cushion is a specially engineered with a water barrier fabric that will redirect water that enters the cushion. Water that tries to enter will exit the bottom of the cushion via an open mesh, sling fabric, and keep the cushion dry.

Reinforced Foam Core

Added Foam Core technology minimizes drying time and creates a barrier that prevents moisture form entering the cushion. This layer helps prolong the life of the cushion and redirect water out.

Protective Fiber

The protective fibers help absorb water and direct water to exit the seat cushion. These small fibers are constructed along the inside mesh layer to help keep the cushion dry.

Water Shield Barrier

Each cushion is engineered to shed water and keep your cushions dry. The shield barrier helps redirect water to exit the bottom of the cushion and help standup to harsh environmental elements.

Premium Outdoor Cover

Customize the fabric color of the outer layer to suit your design vision and keep guests in awe. These cushions are a great choice for any outdoor environment including restaurants, hotels, resorts, multi-family complexes, and everywhere in-between.

Engineered Comfort

With the minimized drying time, the premium cushion offers luxurious comfort and durability for guests to enjoy more time outside. Each cushion is built to withstand the elements and provide a full looking appearance that brings outdoor comfort to a new level.